Kerianna Ashidith Lucallican Lady  Maskelhnov prefers to go by the name of Keri only. Ostensibly to avoid association with the manor of the same name, even though the Family is so insignificant as nobility that the heralds have trouble remembering their names or their shields. Why exactly she wishes to distance herself of her relatives is unknown and when asked she will merely say that ‘she sings about other people’s lives, not her own’

At 1 meter 62 she stands a bit taller than most women, but not by so much she can barter it into a reputation. Her dark brown hair is modestly long and has an annoying tendency to curl wildly rather than fall in subtle waves and worse, frizzes as soon as the weather turns even slightly damp.

She is a bit on the thin side, due to her being on the road so often and needing to sing for her supper, literally. While she is good, there is not always a place readily available, and not all inns have enough an audience to pay for a room and meal. So at times she goes without either. Keri is no court beauty with her somewhat square face and crooked nose, but put her in a daring court dress and she can give the most pampered princess a run for her money. She will of course have to borrow that dress first so she rarely has a chance to show off.

Personality wise Keri loves to be the center of attention, and she has the charm and charisma to dominate a rowdy inn, and the ability to project a chilling presence to scare off an overly insistent would-be suitor. She also has a wanderlust that rivals that of any gypsy clan and an uncanny ability to let fun get in the way of business.

Still, as she recently turned 36 years old she realises that it is time she starts thinking of developing the contacts and reputation she will need to find a cosy place to retire into. Traveling year long is a game for the young and the agile of voice and limbs,  and she can see a time coming that she will be neither. She was in fact working quietly on a promising space to at least pass the winter months, but of course there was that promise of a bit of afternoon fun on a rainy day and a misunderstanding or two. Suddenly it became the smart idea to make herself scarce for a couple of months. At least the cause of the promise, if not the misunderstandings, had a way to get her out of the palace quietly, proving he also had some remnants of chivalry left even if they did not extend to his bride to be. And Keri had run an errant for the Royal Messengers a couple of times before, so even doing so on the tail end of autumn and heading for the most remote part of the kingdom  that almost nobody realised actually existed, she considered it another adventure and at least whatever news she could pick up from that far away would be something nobody had ever heard before.