Little is known about Melissa. She obviously is not from within the Kingdom and knows very little about its customs and laws. This tends to lead to misunderstandings that on occasion turn ugly. Wherever she is from, she is a barbarian and it shows in everything, how she dresses, how she reacts and how she holds herself above men. Clearly she neither cares nor adheres to the opinion of others and tends to react forcibly when an attempt is made to make her do something she does not want.

Melissa appears human but stands taller than almost all men at 1 meter 93. Her skin is tinted an odd light shade of brown close but not quite as can be found in the nearest of the southern lands. She claims however that is not where she is originally from and keeps quiet on the subject where she actually is from and what she is doing in the Kingdom. In fact, she tends to speak very little and prefers oddly accented single words to communicate. That this causes people to underestimate seems to suit her just fine.

Her hair is more than hip length when she unwraps her braid, which is rarely, and so pale that barely a hint of the gold exists. Her face is sharp, edging towards haughty and dominated by two large brilliantly green eyes. Those eyes are the most inhuman aspect of her as they are a colour found only in the big forest cats. This is however the only cat-like thing about her. Her body is slender and athletic, and lacking a bit in the curves that are considered attractive in the Kingdom. Since she has no interests in relationships she does not consider that a lack, or a disadvantage.

Melissa is expertly trained to fight and it shows to those who can read the subtle signs of it. Her weapon of choice is a long and oddly shaped bow with all kinds of weird attachments and wheels and wires sticking to it. She never ever lets her bow out of sight and only rarely leaves contact with her body. She also is skilled with knives for fighting in cramped conditions, but she prefers to keep her distance and the use of her bow. Because she wears very little in the way of armour, she relies entirely on her agility to avoid getting hit. Staying well behind the battle helps with that, but if cornered she will resort to hit and run tactics rather than meeting her opponent head on.

She has acute senses and a strange sensitivity to extraordinary events, and an even stranger sensitivity to the forest that she refuses to talk about and is willing to kill for to keep secret. As to how she ended up in the Kingdom, she will only say that she took a wrong turn because her Goddess willed it so, and that she is hunting for something that she will only recognise when she finds it. That is usually the point where her companions roll their eyes and change the subject.