Talya is from the far north, a region known to its inhabitants as ‘the roof of the world’ or ‘the enclosed land’. In other countries this region is known only in myth, though in truth, relatively close neighbors are unlikely to have even that much knowledge of a small area, entirely surrounded by frozen mountains that is somehow not frozen solid like the rest of the area for hundreds of miles in any direction.

At 1 meter 58 Talya stands a little shorter than most human women but is unusually muscular and can be seen to be quite a bit stronger than most women, and even many men. Her skin is pale, as are her hair and eyes. In fact she gives the impression that the colour has been leeched out of her to a large extent. Her short-cropped hair is a brown so light it borders on white, and her eyes are a light blue that could as correctly be called pale grey.

Her clothes are a deep dark brown and green that blend in well in both forests and in the dark of city alleys. Mostly they consist of unusual and extremely finely woven fabric, but there are some patches of hard leather embedded over vital spots. The first impression of them is that they are of a strange out-kingdom style. Very few would realise that they actually make an effective armour against arrows and knives. She also has a long weatherproof cloak that is the same dark brown and black on the outside, but can be turned to reveal its white inside.

Talya carries a backpack that clearly has seen an extreme amount of travel, and some patches and stitching that suggest it has been used as shield a couple of times. She is armed with several knives. Two in sheaths on either side of her belt, one combat knife —big enough to almost be considered a short sword — as well as several long, narrow knives, strapped to her upper thighs. She also has a pair of throwing knives in hidden wrist sheaths.

Everything about her is calm and poised, and she has the extreme self-confidence of somebody who has been trained to be superior to others in all aspects and expects to be obeyed, even feared, implicitly. The first impression of her might be one of arrogance, but in her case it is backed by skill. A skill that tends towards ruthlessness. She is not cruel though and generally goes out of her way to avoid a fight.