To the far east there is an ancient empire on the coast of the Kan Yuumi Ar Ashii, the Ocean of Storms. The empire claims to be the original human settlement in the world, dating back to the beginning of time. While this is undoubtedly nothing but propaganda, it is almost certain that it is the oldest continuously inhabited human settlement. The culture of the empire has been dominant for much of that time as well, and for that reason it needs no other name than The Empire.

Magic plays a big role in the Empire, and Oboru is a master of the school of Yulan, the dragon adepts. Sworn not to take part in power struggles, nor to seek a position as a court mage, the Yulan have several towers where members can recover, rest and study, but mostly they wander through the Empire. They look for common people who need magical protection and for promising apprentices, and they are the closest thing in the Empire to a mage school policing other mages. Except for the Imperial Elite Guard that is, who have units trained to take down rogue mages, but who for serious problems often work with Yulan mages anyway.

Oburu is of average length for his people, which makes him a bit on the short side for the people of the Kingdom. He is of slight built, but not frail, though it is obvious that he is not used to physical labour, he also clearly is no stranger to walking. His skin is the light tanned brown of everybody who lives in the central lands of the Empire and he has smooth, straight black hair that is cut to shoulder length and tied back in a loose tail. He wears comfortable sturdy clothing, suitable for walking, and running if necessary. It is of good quality but worn after years of use, and looks drab. The only bit of bright colour about him is the red cloth that ties down his braid, and his long sash.

His unassuming appearance hides the fact that he is a competent mage who just passed his master test. This test involved the Imperial Elite in hunting down a nest of blood and soul mages who had made their lair in a remote valley, corrupted by dark magic over a thousand years ago. The assault was a success and Oboru distinguished himself. But not all evil was destroyed, and that what was overlooked or cleverly hidden away, went looking for revenge. Which ended up banishing Oboru halfway across the known world.